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One of the most popular searches on Google these days is "make money online". Millions of people around the globe today are looking for a way to generate an income for themselves using the power of the internet. People are realizing that by using social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc, and video sharing websites like YouTube, MetaCafe, Revver etc, they can build their very own large networks of people that they can connect with. These networks are giving people the ability to market their own online home business opportunities or share ideas to find out the best ways to be successful, online.

For beginners, affiliate marketing is one of the best online jobs today because there are companies that will pay you for referring people to their products or services. Companies are saving thousands of dollars each year in marketing/advertising costs because average peole are doing it for them, and making money.


Global Domains International (GDI) is a debt free, Inc500 domain name/web hosting company that is offering people the best affiliate marketing program in the world today. GDI owns the .WS domain name extension. (.WS stands for Web Site) GDI pays 50% of sales directly back to their affiliates every month and also have a unlimited weekly bonus referral program that no one else on the internet offers, but GDI.

Monthly Commissions

Global Domains International Pay Plan is a classic uni-level plan with unlimited width and 5-level depth. You are paid 10% per month on your referrals up to 5 level deep. Typically, each member spend $10 per month per domain name they have. This simple uni-level compensation plan is easy to understand and your income is virtually unlimited. You can refer as many people as you want to, and so can those people that you refer, and so on.

Although $1 per domain may not seems to be a lot but do consider this.

If your refer 3 people and they refer 3 and repeat for 5 levels.

You will have:

3 on level 1
9 on level 2
27 on level 3
81 on level 4
243 on level 5

Earning you $363 per month!

What if you refer just 5 and each of them refer 5 and so on?

You will be earning $3905 per month!

Unlimited Bonus Referral Program 

For every 5 referrals that sign up in a one week period, from Monday am to Sunday pm, GDI gives you $100.00. This is UNLIMITED. 10 sign ups, $200.00, 15 sign ups $300.00, 20 sign ups, $400.00 and so on. GDI pays you directly into your Paypal account or you can have them send you a check.

GDI are giving away their .WS domain extensions so you can get your very own .WS domain name.

You get a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL for the web hosting of your domain name, and the after that, it's only $10.00 per month! Included is 10 email accounts for your business and family.

Where else can you start your own online home business for $10.00?

Only with Global Domains International. Get started today.


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