How Credit Card Fraudulent Charges Such as ICH Services & Billing Work

How Credit Card Fraudulent Charges Such As ICH Services & Billing Work: Introduction

Over the years, people have literally been scammed out of a great deal of money with credit card fraudulent charges. A new wave of charges such as: ICH Services have begun flooded credit card billing statements across America. Here are tips if you receive ICH Services fraudulent charges and other suspicious billing activities on your statement.

How Credit Card Fraudulent Charges Such As ICH Services & Billing Work: How Scammers Get Account Numbers

There is no specific way that credit card scammers retrieve numbers. However, some retrieve credit card billing information via online through spyware, malware, and viruses. These computer problems skim information and forward it on to the scammers. Another way is skimming in checkout lines at stores. A simple click of a camera on a cell phone can save credit card information for later fraudulent charges. Then of course, if an individual happens to misplace or lose his or her credit card. The new ICH Services charges that are showing up on credit card billing statements are a mystery.

How Credit Card Fraudulent Charges Such As ICH Services & Billing Work: Scamming Process

Credit card holders will not be able to become aware of any fraudulent credit card charges until they receive a billing statement but sometimes credit companies have software or individuals that monitor accounts for suspicious activity. They look for charges that will be out of the ordinary for the credit card account holder. For example, if an individual lives in Florida and all of sudden billing activity shows up in Texas and Tennessee then this draws a huge red flag. Sadly, most fraudulent billing activity goes unnoticed; therefore, credit card holders are encouraged to look over statements each month.

What these credit card scammers do is that they will sometimes deduct a small amount such as a dollar or two to "test" the account several times. Why? Because large fraudulent charges draw red flags and most people overlook small amounts. Credit Card scammers also do this to check to see if the account is still active and if the account was closed after the initial fraudulent billing. The new wave of fraudulent charges is ICH Services which bills individuals between $7 to $11 on credit card statements.

How Credit Card Fraudulent Charges Such As ICH Services & Billing Work: What To Do If It Happens To You

If you receive your credit card billing statement and see suspicious activity such as: ICH Services or any other fraudulent charges, then call your company immediately. The company will close the account numbers, issue a new card with new numbers, and send you a fraudulent activity form to fill out. Holders may have to pay around $50 for the first illegal activity, even if they were in no way responsible for the fraudulent charges on his or her billing statement. On this form you must itemize the charges on the billing statement(s) that you did not approve such as ICH Services. The credit card company will then investigate the ICH Services fraudulent activity. ICH Services provides an 800 number; however, many individuals complain that the so-called company sends callers to voicemail. The ICH Service so-called company is said to be a stationary supply.

How Credit Card Fraudulent Charges Such As ICH Services & Billing Work: Conclusion

In December 2007, I received credit card fraudulent charges on my billing statement. Fortunately, Citibank immediately called me to discuss the activity. The fraudulent activities totaled around $250! The billing charges we mostly telephone cards purchased over the internet and an order from Vitamin Shoppe. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have even paid attention to the dues on the billing statement of the credit card. I would of ended up just making a payment to the statement. I'm sure that many individuals would do the same. Thus, these are reasons of looking over credit card billing statements, especially for the new fraudulent charges such as ICH Services. If you notice ICH Services on your credit card statement then call your card issuer. They will handle the ICH Services credit card charge.


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