Keeping Your Laptop Working Properly

Because your laptop is portable and you can move it from one place to another, means it is also vulnerable damage. Being more expensive to repair and harder to replace, a laptop needs that special tender loving care. Here are a few tips that any laptop user can do to extend the life of their machines:

Take Care of the Battery to Extend Laptop Life 
The battery is important to a laptop user. It is what makes the laptop portable, especially when there is no available outlet. Heat is the biggest culprit to battery life. When possible try not to use the battery and make use of AC power instead. Remove the battery when plugged into an outlet that way your battery stays cool and away from the heat the laptop generates.

Avoid Food and Drink to Extend Laptop Life 
There is nothing worse than spilling food or drink down into your laptop. The keyboard on your laptop is directly over the motherboard. If you spilled some of your morning coffee into the keyboard, that could certainly short out the motherboard. Repair costs on replacing a laptop motherboard are expensive.

Save Your Body and Extend Laptop Life 
Most everyone purchases a laptop for use while they travel, however if you are working extensively at home make a couple of changes. All laptops are setup so that you can plug in a full sized monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Doing so will save the wear and tear on your laptop, not to mention your arms, hands, and eyes by being more ergonomic in your workplace.

The Right Case will Extend Laptop Life 
Most laptops will not survive very long without a carrying case to protect it. When you travel, find a case that fits your style whether it is a carrying case, a backpack, or a shoulder bag. Choose a carrying case that is designed for a laptop and make sure that it has more and adequate padding for that bumpy travel.

Compressed Air will Extend Laptop Life 
It will be inevitable that something will fall into your keyboard. It could be crumbs from your morning muffin or a build up of dust from a lack of cleaning. Make sure to properly clean the keyboard to extend the life of your laptop. Turn your laptop off and while still opened, gentle turn it upside down. Tap slightly the bottom of the laptop so that whatever is in the keyboard falls out. Place the laptop right side up on a desk and using a can of inexpensive compressed air, blow out what didn't fall out previously.

Keep the Screen Clean to Extend Laptop Life 
Next time you are in a computer or photo store, buy a microfiber clothe to clean your laptop screen. Using the microfiber clothe, begin wiping in circular motions using gentle pressure. If you have stubborn stains, make a solution of equal parts distilled water and white vinegar and spray onto the cloth, not the computer to clean. Wait at least 10 minutes after cleaning your laptop before booting back up.


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