Laptop GPS Systems – Changing the Way We Travel

Today, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are all the rage. It is so easy to take trips with a GPS because the days of looking at maps and trying to figure out where you are at are gone. With a GPS system, you now can pinpoint your location and destination all with the touch of a button. You've seen many systems already in new vehicle purchases and you've also seen the hand held models. Now there is also the laptop GPS. With a laptop GPS, you can use it in your automobile through a cable or a Bluetooth. Another option is to use a CF and PCMCIA card. Let's look at these options a little closer. Bluetooth technology is wireless technology. This unit tends to cost more than a cable receiver. How does it work? Well you simply mount a Bluetooth GPS receiver in you vehicle. The Bluetooth will then send the data to your laptop. You will typically have an antenna to receive the signal. A CF and PCMCIA card will work by attaching the GPS receiver straight to the laptop. You can also use an external antenna. Some of the top rated laptop GPS units are:

Garmin Mobile PC with GPS 20x. Consumers have rated this unit as five stars. This system is a full-featured navigation system. It gives you a ton of maps and points of interest; it gives you turn by turn directions all with the touch of a button. Its maker Garmin is a trusted name in navigational systems. Should you stray off course, don't worry. This system will correct itself and get you back on track. This powerful little system for your laptop will cost you around $100. Lots of features at a great value makes this system a winner.

Garmin Mobile 10 GPS for Laptops. TheGarmin Mobile 10 is a GPS and Bluetooth wireless combination that comes with a portable receiver as well as navigational software. This system includes City Navigator NT, a software program that includes detailed street maps and points of interest. You can look up addresses or even services. This powerful system will give you turn by turn details and will always get you back on track when you've gotten off the beaten path. This unit runs around $150.

Earthmate GPS LT-40 Deluxe 2009. The Earthmate GPS LT-40 is at the top of its game in laptop GPS. Featuring the Teseo chipset from STMicroelectronics this system works on both PC's and MAC systems. Detailed maps on the Street Atlas will get you where you need to go. This powerful system will run you in the neighborhood of about $150.

ALK CoPilot Truck Laptop 9 Bluetooth GPS. This compact yet powerful system is designed for those big rig drivers, Semi-Truck operators. This amazing system is so smart that it actually keeps truck drivers on the proper roadways and off the roads semi-trucks are not allowed on. Since you'll be behind the wheel the voice features of this system make it a plus. Your eyes will stay focused on the road while this system directs you. It has many features like Exportable State Mileage Reports which make fuel tax reporting and accounting a lot easier. There are also HazMat Routing Options as well. This system will run you around $400 but if you're driving a truck to make a living then this system is worth it.

Deluo NavStick USB GPS with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 DVD. Compact GPS with a huge punch, that's what this system offers you. This small and light weight receiver will turn your laptop into a GPS unit that will put the days of getting lost behind you. This is one of the most compact ways to take the functionality of GPS with you. At around $130, this is a steal for such a huge convenience in a small package.

The world of GPS units is changing the way we travel. Taking the time to research and find the unit that will work for you is well worth it. Systems can range form less than $100 to well over $800. One thing is for sure. There is a system out there with your name on it.


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