Lenovo R61E Laptop – Works Great and the Price is Right

Are you looking for a good laptop with a good price? Then look no further. I have owned several computers over the course of the last few years. I was beginning to think that there were no more good computers out there. Until one day I was doing some research, and heard about Lenovo. So I went to their website and looked around. Their selection was amazing, they had everything from top of the line laptops, to basic ones. So, I decided since my last laptop stopped working, to buy a new one. I then purchased the R61E for around 750 dollars or so. A few weeks later, I received my laptop. I was excited to find that I didn't have to install anything extra. Windows and pretty much anything else I needed was pretty much already installed for me. All I had to do was plug it in, turn it on, and set up windows.

I have had this laptop for a few months now, and have yet to have any problems with it. However, Iam disappointed in the graphics card, but then again, this is just a basic laptop. For a few hundred more, I could have gotten more accessories and a better graphics card. I also did not like the length of time it took to receive it, either. However, if you are willing to pay a little extra, you can expedite delivery. Other than those few things, this is a great laptop, and I recommend it to everyone who needs a good laptop.

I would also like to add how I like the software that came with it. There are several programs Lenovo included in the laptop for security, managing the hard drive, and more. Those programs help make it easier for me to be sure that I will get the most use out of my laptop as possible. The tech support is also very knowledgeable. I called them before I ordered the laptop to ask them a few questions, and they knew what they were talking about. I also like the warrant I got with it. I think for about 100 dollars or so, I have extra protection on it. So if anything goes wrong with the laptop, or the screen breaks, it gets fixed for free. I also found out that if something happens to the keyboard, they will ship me a new replacement, and I can do it myself.

So that's pretty much it. If your looking for a good laptop that will last a long time, then the Lenovo R61E is the one to get.


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