Leslie DeSmith Offers Computer Repair in Murrieta, Temecula and Surrounding Areas

If you need computer repair in Murrieta, I recommend Leslie De Smith. Recently I began working from my home office. I was more than happy to spend my work day at home. It took a lot of time for me to find a work at home position, and I was so grateful I had it that I did not want to mess things up. But as Murphy's law states, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. I found this out all too soon. My computer went on the fritz. My first inclination was to contact someone who did computer repair in Murrieta. While many people were sympathetic to my dilemma, I could not shake the feeling that due to my lack of know how I was going to pay a lot of money.

The more I called around the more discouraged I was. Every call I made was more disheartening than the last. One computer repair person explained that he could not diagnosis the problem over the phone, but it sounded like I needed to get the tower rebuilt. Another computer repair person was convinced that I needed a new computer.

When I finally found Leslie De Smith, she was a breath of fresh air. Her level of professionalism was beyond comparison. She began by trouble shooting the problem over the phone. Asking questions. She was open to possibilities. While I am sure that she could have easily told me that my computer needed to be rebuilt, or even worse replaced, Leslie used her knowledge to find other solutions. Next, and what I think is the most impressive part of doing business with Leslie De Smith is the fact that she actually comes to your home to repair your computer, if you live in Murrieta or surrounding areas. She is prompt, Knowledgeable, and really a pleasure to work with.

Because of Leslie's integrity, I did not have to rebuild or replace my computer. In fact, I ended up only having to replace the monitor. I think that any person in need of computer repair in Murrieta should do themselves a service and contact Leslie DeSmith. You can reach her at 951-698-6486 or by cell 951-317-6399.

Remember if you are looking for computer repair in Murrieta, contact Leslie DeSmith, she goes above and beyond the call. She repairs computers in Murrieta and surrounding areas.


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