My Favorite Laptop is a Workhorse!

My laptop is not an expensive unit but it is packed with so much power that it remained my favorite for 3 years. Despite its average CPU and memory capacity, it stands out to be my most valuable piece of equipment to date.

While the laptop came with Windows Vista Basic, I upgraded it with Windows Vista Ultimate for greater flexibility. The reason was to facilitate my work and exploit the computer's maximum capacity due to a heavy work load. Vista Ultimate allows the laptop to handle the heavy programs that I use. Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop Portable, Paint.Net and JVC video editor/converter are among the programs handled by the computer.

The amazing thing about the laptop is that it can still handle my growing need for graphics and videos. Note that I regularly use the laptop to build the newsletter we publish for the website that I maintain. The Presario has so far been able to handle my multitasking load. I have to state that this include the multiple windows that are opened for on-line browsing, article editing and uploading.

However, one thing with laptops is that they are easy to maintain compared to desktop PC's. In addition to my 25 years experience in PC repairs and Windows, I believe a laptop is a perfect device for the average person. Although most people are well versed in using a computer, many still do not have any basic ideas on how to fix a PC. In my years as a user and repair man, I find this Compaq is a very easy to maintain system.

Nevertheless, this mid-range Compaq Presario can indeed deliver more task with upgraded memory or a larger Hard Disk Drive (HDD). But the problem with such laptops is that they are not really upgradeable and repairs can be costly indeed. One of the major fault of the laptop is the cost of repairing the 'power' supply or the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Whereas the least of repairs, such as a CPU cooling fan, may be costly altogether. Besides these facts, the VGA, which is embedded on the Main Board, cannot be upgraded and the HDD has an upgrade limit too.

Although the CPU cannot be upgraded, the Compaq Presario is still a powerful computer. Perhaps my next laptop will be one that can be fully upgraded. It should allow for a larger Hard Disk drive, higher memory and surely a more powerful VGA card.


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