Pizza Delivery Credit Card Scam at Walt Disney World Resorts

Thieves are getting more creative with ripping off tourists visiting the Walt Disney World area. The latest is a pizza delivery scam that Disney is working hard on cracking down on.

Disney World promotes itself as "The Happiest Place on Earth" but that doesn't mean that thieves aren't looking to make you a target. Don't believe things can't and won't go wrong, they can and could if you're not careful.

In other words, don't check your brain at the gate.

More often than not at the end of a long day in the parks, the family is tired and cranky. They just want to grab something quick and easy to eat then get to bed. They may not be in the mood to stand in another line at the food court to get something to eat or worse, the food court could be closed for the evening.

So when they walk into their resort room and notice a pizza delivery flyer on the floor that had been shoved under the door; it seems like a quick and easy idea to get the family fed.

Disney World resorts do not allow soliciting of any kind. Any fliers that have been stuffed under your door are not affiliated with Disney. If you should you find one, either toss it in the trash or take it to the front desk and report it. DO NOT order from these places.

The first thing you'll probably notice on the flyer is there is no address for the store. The second thing you should know are the numbers they are using are pre-paid cell phone numbers. The idea is to get you to call for a pizza – or other food – and get your credit card number from you.

You won't get a pizza or anything else, you'll get a nightmare. You're supposed to get nightmares from what you ate, not just because you placed an order that you'll never eat.

Legitimate food delivery does not come to your room. If you are hungry and want to order food, the front desk has a big folder full of places that deliver in the area.

You are allowed to order food from off site places, Disney won't send the Goof Troop to your room to arrest you and send you to Disney jail. Outside food delivery is allowed.

Once you have placed your order, you will need to meet the driver at the front lobby as they will not come directly to your room. The front desk will be happy to call you when your food arrives, so don't feel you need to stand in the lobby and wait for them to arrive.

Standing in the lobby for 30 minutes (or less) isn't only boring; it makes the front desk people crazy. They have to smile at you – because it's Disney and that's what they do – and if you're standing there for 30 minutes (or less) waiting for the delivery guy, they may want to jam a pen in their eye by the time you leave.

"How is this happening?" You may wonder.

Disney transportation is free. Anyone can get on the bus from Downtown Disney and go to any resort they want. Thieves can be carrying these fliers in their backpacks and get off the bus at any resort they wish. It doesn't take long to walk down a hallway and shove these flyers under the doors.

Literally thousands of people are moving around Disney World parks and resorts at any time. It would be completely impossible to check each ID for people using the transportation. Even more impossible to check ID's of people coming and going from the resorts themselves.

Many people go to some of the resorts just for the food at certain restaurants or to check out the resort itself. Disney is doing the best that they can but like any other destination in the world; you need to be responsible for your own safety too.

Be careful and watch for scams. If you have questions, call the front desk and they will be happy to assist you.

They will do it with a smile. Just please don't force them to smile for 30 minutes.


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