Summer Computer Camps at ID Tech Camp in California

The perfect summer camps are out there for everyone. It is all a matter of doing the research and finding the perfect fit. Do the research you say? Enter – computer camp. This article will review the iD Tech Computer Camp at several prestigious university locations throughout California.

Three dedicated professionals in Silicon Valley who realized the necessity for technology education for children founded ID Tech Summer Camps. In business since 1999 they made the commitment to stay strong in the summer camp industry to provide the proper environment, teaching skills, and equipment to foster learning in children interested in technology. The founders are committed to providing a safe environment, the most up to date technology, the best instructors, and instilling family values among the camping community.

ID Tech Summer Camps offer day camp and residential technology camps to students between the ages of 7 to 17 years of age. Normally the summer camps are held at Stanford and UCLA on the West Coast, however there are also classes all over the world including Northwestern, MIT, and the University of Cadiz Spain. The student to teacher ratio is normally around 5 to 1 with only the best staff members selected to teach students. Students receive instructions from instructors one student at a time to insure the opportunity for personalized learning. Students have the opportunity to become residents as well as students, and a part of prestigious learning institutions during their time at idTech Camp.

If you have a child who is technologically inclined, one who might enjoy building and competing with Robots, designing video games, building websites, becoming a gaming athlete, and participating in gaming tournaments, iD Tech's summer camps just might be the right fit. To give you a preview of the courses that are on tap for 2007, here is a list of the upcoming summer camp courses.

Keep in mind all courses are based on the age of the student. To begin with there Adventures in Comic Creation, Adventures in Game Design, Video Game Creation, Video Game Creation Xtreme, 3D Game Design, 3D Character Modeling, Game Modding, Gaming Athletes, iD Gaming Academy, Web Design & Flash Animation, Digital Video Editing, Special F/X Editing, Filmmaking & Cultural Immersion in Spain, Programming, Programming v2.0, RoboContenders, Sports & Tech with Stanford Athletics, Surf & Tech, iD Gaming Academy (for teens at New Locations), and Filmmaking & Cultural Immersion in Spain. Wow.

Summer camps have truly come a long way over the years, as has technology. In addition to this exhilarating curriculum, there are other new camp activities for students to enjoy. There will be chess, basketball, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, karaoke, Dance-Dance-Revolution, Robosapien, Races, Techno-Sports and more.

The iD Tech summer camps are very flexible. If a student is interested in the residential camp, that is an option. For those who may not have the time, or want the experience, there are other options. There is a Day Camp option, a Day Camp with Lunch option, an Extended Day Camp, Overnight Camp, and Weekend camp. The last three include all meals. You and your kids might want to peruse the Web site, and see what classes they are interested in, and when they are offered to determine the camp option.

The owners of iD Tech have gone a step further for 2007 by allowing parents to create their own iD accounts that are accessible online to print financial statements, get updates, and such. I suppose that's only fair, they are in the technology business after all.

Whatever your decision for summer camps in California for your child, if you have a "techie," he or she will absolutely love this camp. Based on the information, the owners and staff are committed to excellence in every way. Visit the Web site for registration, tuition, and of course live availability of the session you are interested in. Again – got to love technology.


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