Which Laptop is Best for Work?

Laptops are the ultimate alternative to desktop computers nowadays, with their large screens, enhanced power, speedy processors, and convenient portability (which is definitely the best thing about them). Laptops can be brought practically anywhere; they are like a desktop computer that walks. There are smaller laptops called notebooks that are even easier to bring around. With so many laptops in the market today, you will need to be extremely precise when it comes to what you want out of them.

If cutting edge technology is no importance to you and you feel that they are just going to go unused, simply pay no heed to them. You need to remember, however, that you can decide which parts you want to get. Unlike desktop computers, laptops are compact, so they only come with the things that the manufacturer wishes to give you. Because of this, it is essential to get a branded laptop to make sure that all of its parts are real and of good quality. Various brands have various kinds of laptops, depending on what RAM and processor speed you choose. It is best to choose the size of the processor first before seeing what other options you have. Intel processors are the perfect choice when it comes to this.

The price may get quite heavy for this – around $1,200, but be prepared to spend a bit more. As for the size of the screen, choose one that you are comfortable with, as this also depends on how much strain your eyes can deal with. You should never opt for screens that are smaller than 15 inches. It is also advisable to get 1GB of memory so that you can run all your programs smoothly. A lower size of RAM will simply slow down your laptop. If your hard drive requires you to save a lot of data, the make sure you choose a large hard drive, as well. If most of your work is done online, though, instead of in physical storage, then you can opt for lower hard disk space. You can even use DVDs for extra storage, if you wish.

Because of the latter, a DVD writer is another must-have laptop feature. Even though you do not write a lot of stuff, you will need to write certain things eventually and then you will regret not getting one. Despite the additional costs, writers do come in handy; so are wireless ports and Bluetooth ports. Even if you don't need them for work, it is nice to have them there, just in case. At a minimum, decent laptops will still costs at least a thousand dollars. There are those available for a mere $600, but they aren't that great and may not be as efficient. But again, this will depend on what you intend to use the laptop for. So, take everything into consideration and choose a laptop that will best suit your purpose and your work.


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